CommScope’s Wired for Wireless™ Solution


Preparing New Construction for the Growing Demand of In-Building Wireless

We’ve all been there, the back of the grocery store, scratching our heads, wondering whether we were supposed to buy the 2% milk, whole milk or chocolate milk. So we take out our cell phone to call our significant other for a reminder only to have zero bars. That’s right, when we need those bars the most, they’re never there. At least that’s what we remember.

A nuisance yes, but life-saving or mission critical…no, but it could be. The tragedy of 9/11 placed in-building RF coverage front and center when first responders were cut off from command and control. This tragedy spurred the passage of RF coverage ordinances, elevating what was once a nuisance to a hazard. In-building wireless and RF coverage is now essential from a public safety standpoint, but there is another driver…commerce.

Wireless devices are now ingrained in everyday business and commerce. The market now demands stronger in-building coverage. 3G and 4G devices need more than just one or two bars to function well. New properties that cannot provide coverage will be labeled as indoor dead zones, reflecting poorly on the property and ultimately the contractor.

Fortunately there is a simple answer. CommScope’s Wired for Wireless™ solution provides a carrier-neutral, future-proofed infrastructure solution that prepares a building for in-building wireless and RF coverage. It accomplishes this by pre-wiring the building with cable, connectors, interior antennas and wire management for a blanket of in-building coverage. This allows property management the option to defer the cost of active components to post construction, without the added cost and disruption of running cable through closed ceilings and walls.

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