MaxCell Fabric Innerduct – 300% Increase in Cable Density


When I walk out to our warehouse, I like to make my way down the aisles with the Innerduct. I am always enthralled by the massive size of the reels and bright colorful tubes (mostly orange) that line the aisles and tower over my head (granted – I am quite “petite” from a height standpoint). Although the reels are big – the product is pretty much a staple – just choose smoothwall or corrugated and get the right size and material for the job – PE for OSP, PVC for Risers, etc.

But wait – here we have something new to offer. MaxCell FABRIC Innerduct – yep, that’s what I said – FABRIC. No more gigantic reels of rigid duct showing up on the job site. We’re talking cost savings, installation time savings and you can fit up to 3 times the number of cables per conduit.

Check out this brief video to get an overview of this amazing product,

Visit the MaxCell site to learn more – or view more MaxCell videos now

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